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Charcoal Teapot

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For centuries, artisans in Japan’s Wakayama region have turned oak branches into binchotan, a type of activated charcoal known for its purifying properties and white hue. This “white charcoal” is one of the finest, densest, and purest forms of carbon available. Filled with countless microcavities, the surface area of just one gram of the material equals 250 m² (around the size of a tennis court!), which allows is to efficiently absorb impurities from water, air, and skin, while releasing vital minerals absorbed by the living tree— including potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.

This heat-resistant glass tea pot comes complete with two Kishu Binchotan— a powerful white charcoal stick made from hard Japanese Holm oak that transforms ordinary tap water into your filtered, fresh, and delicious mineral water.

By adding a piece to your teapot, this binchotan simulates the natural purifying and mineralizing process of spring water travelling through layers of rock and soil from its underground source. Moving through the trillions of cavities in the charcoal, your ordinary tap water is naturally softened, ionized, and freed of up to 75% of added chlorine, while simultaneously being enriched with essential minerals.

Charcoal from Japan, Teapot from Denmark

Content + Care

Bincho Teapot: Heat-Resistant Glass Teapot, 650mL Capacity, Dishwasher Safe | Kishu Binchotan: Water Purifiers, Set Of 2, Purifies + Enriches Water, Mineralizing Capacity: Approx. 1 Month Of Daily Use, Purifying Capacity: Approx. 3 Months Of Daily Use, Made Using Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Pure White Charcoal Handcrafted In Japan


First use: rinse your charcoal filtre under cold running water Sterilize and remove any ash residue by boiling it for five minutes in cold water Remove from the heat, drain the water and leave to dry and cool in the pan Fill your glass bottle with cold tap water and carefully slide the BINHOTAN inside, holding the bottle almost horizontally to avoid breaking the BINCHOTAN Refrigerate for at least two hours before serving your purified, enriched and delicious water

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