sharon brunsher

Project Jerusalem Penthouse

PROJECT SCOPE: Ambiance object design for library

TOTAL AREA: 400 square meters indoor 


Sharon Brunsher was born in 1972 in Ramat Gan. She studied at the Industrial Design Program of the Design and Architecture Workshop.

Brunsher’s journey in the design and art world started in 2005 and continues to this day with her eponymous design company, which is sold in Israel and worldwide. At the same time, Brunsher also engages in artistic consulting, design, and creativity for clients in the fields of branding, product design, and interior design.

In her years of activity, Brunsher has always incorporated different disciplines, merging them with harmony and coherence. She creates from a place of passion on the one hand and research on the other hand: manipulating various materials, playing tricks, and engaging in a dialogue with them using lab-like methods that produce fascinating and powerful outcomes.

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