Who we are

Sharon Brunsher is the namesake design studio of its multidisciplinary designer & co-founder. Established in 2004 as the brainchild of life & business partners Sharon + Tal, the studio
operates in two spheres that are symbiotic and complementary - SB Shop & SB Projects.

The SB shop is a retail concept store located in Tel Aviv’s enigmatic Jaffa neighborhood. It showcases the designer’s fashion collections with her staple basics as well as limited edition
pieces and designer finds from around the globe. The shop is also home to Sharon’s creations in textile design, bedding, art objects and artisan paper collections.

SB Projects is the partnerships arm of the design studio. The studio offers various services to private clients and lifestyle brands with the studio’s creative direction. Services include brand consulting, art direction & visual strategy as well as product design, interior design and more.

Inspiration & Process

Sharon’s journey began in product design but it wasn’t too long before she was pulled into the fascinating world of fabrics, creating knitted bedding that unexpectedly turned into a clothing collection sold in boutiques around the world. This was the stepping stone in Sharon’s road to creative self-discovery and the early stages of her forging body of work.

In her creative process, Sharon immerses herself in material research and analysis, from how things are made to their natural tendencies and specific characteristics. On any given day, you will find organic fabrics & material such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and leather, sprawled all over her studio desk. The fabrics get processed and hand-dyed in a monochromatic color palette to accentuate the richness of texture and material consistency.

Sharon’s inner dialogue, the harmonious conversation between body & matter, is brought to life in an unpretentious, minimalistic and void of trends style. She is a romantic collector at heart, driving inspiration from cities, nature, antique flea-market finds and all life around. In her designs, she often pays homage to forgotten times by recreating and repurposing various found objects. Sharon walks the fine line between design and art, weaving the old with the new while exploring the urban and the botanical, all at once. These are the key elements that guide her and through which she’s able to translate the conceptual into a creative physical that stands the test of time.


The void starts filling up,
the vacuum gets into a shape.
One spot over another,
layer over layer.
like sensual matter
in the hands of the potter,
In harmonic dissonance
between noise and silence,
chaos and order,
Particles of mine take up space,
grow into a shape
and become a product. / S.B