From me to you, from past to future.

“These are the words…” is the opening line of Devarim, the fifth book of the Jewish Torah. In Sharon’s own words, “These creations of mine come as a natural evolution of everything I’ve done until now. They tell a familiar story from a different perspective, stimulating our senses and speaking to our most basic needs.”

What is Devarim?

Devarim is a meeting point of slow design and contemporary interpretation, as it relates to subject & matter. In essence, Devarim sets out to promote comfort and well-being by infusing modern day utility with old-world wisdom. At times, it leans close towards local territories and at others, it goes as far as the far East - brushing shoulders with traditional Japanese aesthetics.

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Devarim & the Land of Israel

We are asked to go back to the origins, before we can move forward. Inspired by planet earth’s natural resources and those found around us physically, we believe in going local. This means respecting not only the matter but the story behind it. The history of our ancient land is a source of endless inspiration, felt through its scents, colors and textures. Now more than ever, we are motivated to create with as little as possible, while giving each element the focus it deserves to comfort us later.

Sign of the Times

Long before current events, a deep feeling of disconnect in living life fast & furious has been surfacing all over. The slow movement offers an alternative to reckless consumption and mass production by focusing on sustainable, local, organic and whole. It gives us the opportunity to connect to ourselves through changing our habits in every aspect of our lives.

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Take it slow, outside of home

Our design capabilities, as well as the overall direction in which we are leading our studio is far-reaching and goes beyond just walls and windows. We have a particular fascination with how clothes can serve us best, from the way they are made to how they make our skin feel and what is left of them years later. As curators of objects for all senses, we search for different ways to deliver an immersive experience, head to toe, inside & out. Whether experimenting with fashion or art, the common thread remains - a simple design aesthetic that highlights matter and the truth it shares with us.

Our homes are our sanctuaries

We specialize in the art of making a house - a home. In an effort to create spaces that serve our well-being, we are taking on the challenge of decluttering & redesigning. Each piece you bring into your home should carry a meaning, a reason why it is there. If the right intention is set, you will be able to surround yourself with whatever brings the most fulfilment into your life. 

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What’s the matter?

For us, the choice of materials and palette is an obvious one. We work with natural resources, including wood, metal, cotton and glass, always striving to keep processes eco-friendly and locally sourced. This results in a signature color palette that is comprised of earth tones and a touch of the monochromatic timeless trio of gery-black-white.



All-natural, non-toxic, organic ingredients with earthy warm notes in simple formulas. We work with local herb and plant growers who hand make perfumes in old-age techniques. Our mixtures carry scents that bring nature’s sentiment into any space and make you feel like you’ve already been there before, a long time ago.

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Home | Interior

We’ve never spent more time at home. It became impossible to avoid the details that were there all along or the ones that are clearly missing. We set out to create an interior collection of beautiful items that makes a room complete. These pieces will do more than just fill a void, they will serve their purpose by deepening the connection you have with the place you call home.

Objects | Things

From works of art to jewelry, the things we carry should be personal. These objects stand as pure expressions of our thoughts, beliefs and desires. We invite you to observe and contemplate before you “buy. All of the “things” are designed and curated by our team with the understanding that even though we are different in our interpretations, we are similar in wanting to connect to what we have on a more meaningful level.

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Since the beginning of time, clothing has satisfied more than its function-based needs. Whether protective or decorative, it has us covered, against whatever comes our way. We’re stripping down complex designs to basic form and organic materials, focusing on garment longevity and fit. Top quality fabrics & special draping techniques that celebrate EVERY body through beautiful basic necessities.

Paper | Writing

Our paper and writing line characterised with clean and minimalistic design. The products are made with natural materials. Cardboard, paperless tree papers and recycled pages (leftovers).
In general all items are dyed or printed in monochromatic color pallet and natural kraft. Some of the series have gentle typographic elements both in English and Hebrew. 

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