Following the many years of running a successful apparel and accessories brand, founder & creative director Sharon Brunsher has decided to extend her expertise to independent projects.
The workshop is a design studio that offers various services ranging from product design and consulting to commercial interiors in retail and hospitality.
The workshop’s design philosophy is fully aligned with the Brunsher mother brand, from its unwavering attention to detail to the driven-by-emotion attitude, a signature handwriting shows up in each and every project.

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Papier is a concept paper store dedicated to illustrated stationery and art , located in Tel Aviv. It was founded in 2012 by the owners of Kwick Copy printing house, in collaboration with Sharon Brunsher and graphic designer Shiran Rockway Bahry .
Project scope: Store concept and interior design, product design and product development.
Concept: Create a dialogue between material and spirit in the language of classic minimalism. The artistic vision was to create a place for paper lovers, design and the world between them.


Nest is a greenhouse boutique for plants and natural objects located in Kfar Azar Israel. Founded in 2018 by Amir Ovdat in partnership with Sharon Brunsher. The Nest is home to handcrafted furniture, home accessories and decor items made with passion for art and nature.
Project scope: Branding, space atmosphere and interior design , product design.
Concept: Natural and authentic design made in artisanal techniques that create a dream-like atmosphere in harmony with the surrounding plants and flowers.

Deva Kanya

Launched in 2020, the apparel line was born out of a kismet meeting between Sharon Brunsher and Deva Kanya. A story of two women and two lands, the collection brings nature closer to the body, with textures, colors and contours that are found in both.
Project scope: Product design, product development.
Concept: Inspired by mother earth and slow design, the collection examines function, comfort, sustainability and material, positioning itself on the opposite side from mass-produce on the fashion spectrum.